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About Mike Parsons

I play at the intersection of technology, innovation, and storytelling.

Live from the stage/my workspace

Hello. I’m the Chief Innovation Officer at QUALITANCE.

I'm thrilled by the future. Today we have the possibility of solving big problems with new technologies like Virtual Reality, IoT and Voice-as-an-interface. But I want to do more than just be part of creating a new invention. I want to make stuff people find equal parts useful and delightful. And I really hope these new frontiers are made up of experiences that people want to share. Perhaps, inspire them too.

My journey spans four cities and several industries. From Sydney, Amsterdam, London, San Francisco and, Sydney again.

At every step there's been challenges, adventures and the eternal search for good espresso. 

Working with the Breville team in Sydney

Working with the Breville team in Sydney

My career began as a radio intern which inspired my first entrepreneurial adventure - launching Australia's first Internet radio station, NuDance in 1997. And yes, it was a little before it's time.

Since, then I’ve led four advertising and digital agencies, and during this period worked on many large award-winning campaigns for clients such as Nike, Levi’s, Microsoft, Xbox, Virgin, General Motors, and Volkswagen. 

Previously, I was the Founder of LaunchPodium. We specialized in experience design and storytelling. QUALITANCE acquired the company in 2016. 

Earlier in San Francisco, as Chief Immersion Officer at Factory, where we used rapid prototyping to transform the way Fortune 500 companies created new products and services.

Working with the Virgin team in San Francisco

Working with the Virgin team in San Francisco

During my time on Madison Avenue, I managed twofifteenmccann, a creative and strategic agency specializing in media agnostic content and advertising for brands. In Europe, I managed Tribal DDB London and Tribal DDB Amsterdam and was a member of the DDB UK Executive Board.

While at twofifteenmccann and Tribal DDB, the agencies have won many global awards for their work. You name it, DA&D Pencils, Cannes Lion’s, Effie’s – even a TED award.

Before Tribal DDB Amsterdam, I was the General Manager at MRM Partners Amsterdam. Before joining MRM Partners, I had various roles in media and technology companies including OVEN Digital and Australian Radio Network(Clear Channel).

Working with the IKEA team in Moscow

Working with the IKEA team in Moscow

I also advise startups, such as marketing intelligence firm ConversionMob in Amsterdam. Out of the office, I'm a ARU certified rugby coach for Petersham RUFC and Trinity Grammar School.