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Step 3: Validate Your Customer's Needs

Storytelling Course: Step 3

3. Validate Your Customer's Needs

You are not selling here. You're investigating. You're taking the Audience Profile from step 1 and the Golden Circle from step 2 and testing the assumptions.

Create a survey with 10-15 questions, no longer than 10 minutes

  • Recruit potential customers, not friends.
  • Aim for 50 respondents
  • Explain why you're doing the survey and that it will only take 10 minutes
  • Screen people in first questions to make sure they fit your audience profile
  • Question format:
    • 70% multi choice or rank in order
    • 30% open question 'if you could change one thing', how would you tell a friend
  • Use SurveyMonkey so you customize the survey and get a detailed report
  • Key question types
    • What's the biggest problem you face (insert your area of focus)?
    • How do you feel when using our (insert your product/service/company)?
    • How would you explain (insert your product/service/company) to a friend?
    • How do you compare (insert your product/service/company) to other options?
  • Look for trends and insights in the report that can be used for your story. For example, are most of the audience identifying cost as the biggest issue? Then you would focus on the affordability in the story.