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Step 5: Validate Your Story

Storytelling Course: Step 5

5. Validate Your Story

Put the stories to the test. If you can survey the original customers from the first survey that's good, but not essential. Your goal is to produce a package of different stories that were created from validate insights. Do not guess. Be objective and write, design and craft stories through the voice of your customer

  • Test 10-15 stories in Survey Monkey, a 'story' is an image with a headline and description text
  • Aim for 50 respondents
  • Ask one question only to review the story:
how likely would be to share this story? 
  • You can ask a a multi-choice alternative:
Is this message appealing to you?
- NO, this image is not appealing to me
- Nothing out of the ordinary
- Yes, Iā€™m curious to hear more about this
- YES, it resonates. I might even share via LinkedIn!
  • The results report will tell you the popularity of each story and you can compare those to determine the most popular.