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Why Athleisure is Taking Over the World


First, it was sneakers, then yoga pants, now Dress Pant Sweatpants. It feels like everywhere you turn you see people embracing Athleisure fashion.

Athleisure is the intersection of gym gear and lifestyle fashion. A place where modern fabrics and active lifestyles blend into other areas of life. A movement led by the iconic yoga pants of Lululemon.

We are at the beginning of something way bigger than a fashion trend. We’re experiencing a cultural and societal shift that will firmly cement Athleisure at the heart of modern fashion.

5 Reasons Why Athleisure is Taking Over the World

  1. Millennials love Athleisure. They happen to be the biggest segment of the US population and have a higher rate of gym membership than any other demographic in the US.
  2. Athleisure unlocks an active lifestyle. You can save time by skipping the dressing room and get straight into your exercise.
  3. Athleisure is comfortable. Modern fabrics such Rayon and Polyester allow clothes to breath, to adapt and move with the body.
  4. Technology inspires to get moving. We have a plethora of wearables like Fitbit and sports apps like Strava to keep pushing us to be active.
  5. The world is getting healthier. With smoking and soda water in decline in the US – there’s a global trend towards wellness. Who knew Kale could be this popular?

Need more proof?

Check out the increase in people typing “athleisure” into Google.