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Deep Work is the path to mastery


I have learned more in the last 12 months than any other year in my life. Deep work has been the key to the success. Deep work means uninterrupted sessions with a singular focus on an idea. No distractions! As a result of deep work, I am crystal clear in my thinking and have the deepest satisfaction in the work I produce. Here’s how I did it.

Be Humble and Choose the Right Role

By choosing not to be a CEO anymore, I have pivoted from being an expert manager towards something else. I want to master the world of innovation. I want to know it back to front. So this meant shifting to a strategic role and serving the CEO.

The context that has allowed the practice of deep work is working remote from the office. Living in Sydney and working with people in the US and Europe has meant I have 5-6 hours in the middle of my day that has very little interruption. Oh, the peace!

Practical Tips for Deep Work

  1. Wake up early

  2. Don’t check email, turn off all notifications

  3. Write in dump mode, just pour out raw ideas in just a few words per line

  4. Take a break and edit later

  5. Research and immediately note the key idea, example or fact

  6. Use blog posts, summaries, bullet points and infographics as tools to make your ideas concise

  7. Read or listen to book summaries for research and inspiration

  8. Create books, speeches, podcasts, presentations and long-form blog posts as a way to capture the complete idea.

The Benefits of Deep Work

  • Mental clarity in conversations at work

  • Deep confidence in problem-solving

  • Ability to explain concepts effectively

  • Ability to steer strategic discussions to meaningful outcomes that feel good for all participants

  • An enormous sense of satisfaction that I’m mastering the strategic and sometimes amorphous world of innovation.

I hope this helps everyone.

When in doubt, go deep!