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Great products are built by great companies


If you want a stellar product for the world outside, you need to start with the people on the inside. Airbnb is a powerful case in how building strong culture delivers a big return on product innovation. Just think…Airbnb, 31B valuation, has created more value in 10 years than that of Hilton (22B) in 100!

Below are four areas within the spectrum of people and talent management. I’ve designed four questions as part of the Moonshots Checklist (download). A handy tool for busy entrepreneurs who want to review and reflect on the journey.


1. Did the last hire or fire meet our values and standards?

The culture of leadership is evident in how a company hires and fires people. What we’re looking for here is treating people well. That means with respect and gratitude - just to get started.

Organisational clarity

2. Are you upholding the rules of accountability and authority?

It’s amazing how quickly things become unclear in the roles and responsibilities within an organisation. Partially when a company is growing. Make sure the person who “owns” an area knows who has the authority to make decisions. Reducing the grey area between these two people leads to big productivity gains.



3. Are you listening first before speaking and responding?

Humble and listen-first behaviour defines modern leadership. The big upside for a listen-first leader is they can better understand the context for team members. The resulting empathy helps them make improvements that speak to the needs of the employee and the business. 


4. What could you change to reduce employee friction?

People can fall into the trap of just accepting points of friction. Poor computers, glitchy software, burdensome paperwork, delays in purchasing, etc.

Dive into the tools and processes of the company and seek out small improvements with a big return. Reduce the barriers of your employees and they’ll thank you in return.

In the next post I'll deconstruct the "Product" checklist. Here's the full Moonshots Checklist (download)