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How to Beat Severe Jet Lag


My first long-haul flight was more than twenty years ago. Sydney to London, via Singapore. Since then I’ve regularly travelled internationally. In fact, I’m writing this article from my Bucharest hotel where I’ve landed after a 24-hour trip.

Over the last twenty years, I tried all sorts of things to reduce or prevent jet lag. Here are my essential health tips for beating jet lag.



Sleep to the Timezone you’re travelling to. 

Preferably, change your sleep time the night before you depart. Try sleeping based on the time zone of your destination.

I went to bed in Sydney three hours later than usual the night before I flew to Europe. On the flight, I only slept during times that Europe was asleep. Together, these two techniques helped me feel more awake on arrival, and my first sleep in Europe was surprisingly good.


Eat vegetarian and no alcohol.

On the flight, and the days prior, eat very healthy and focus on no alcohol (too much sugar) and avoid heavy foods(too much energy to process). I find not eating meat and bread as the best diet changes to help beat jet lag.


Drink a lot of water and use electrolytes on arrival

Swap the booze for water. Again before, during and after your long flight and you’ll feel great. I even use electrolytes to improve recovery at the destination.


Workout and sweat immediately

Sleep, diet and hydration will get you a long way in beating jet lag. But for those who want to get serious about jet lag recovery - hit the gym. I like working out all the time, but a workout after you fly is essential. Even if it’s only 20 minutes on a bike or an Eliptical - get your heart rate into a cardio burn rate. It’s magic.

Time permitting, I strongly advise a good stretch and warm down after the workout with lot’s of back, leg, shoulder and neck stretches.

Give these a try, and you'll find yourself feeling pretty damn good after a long flight.