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9 Ways For Leaders To Build Remarkable Resilience


Adversity and failure are not as scary as they sound. I’ve made a bunch of mistakes in life. I’ve faced some pretty nerve-wracking situations. Somehow I'm still kicking.

I’ve been reading and listening to The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday. It's a practical book that provides some handy and somewhat inspiring thoughts for anyone on a mission in life.


Here's what I learnt from The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday:

  1. Focus on things that you control
  2. Your perception of a situation is 100% under your control
  3. Rather than over-react, or lose control, use reason and logic
  4. Don’t give into fear and hate, take a break and reflect
  5. Use tiny habits like breadth, pause, and reflection to control yourself
  6. By being in control, you gain flow and generate willpower
  7. With more significant self-control, you can tackle greater goals
  8. Intentional and explicit actions can help you achieve great things, against all the odds
  9. If you fail along the way, that’s ok, just make sure you’re learning from your mistakes

The Obstacle is the Way is the perfect book for any leader wishing to refresh and inspire themselves in 2018.