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How to find the hidden hooks in your next product


I recently revisited the design book Hooked by Nir Eyal, and it's well worth the read. Hooked is a book that decodes habit design. It's a playbook for designers to create user behaviours in products that become effortless and part of a ritual.

Eyal presents a delightful simple framework that should be a checklist for product and UX designers, developers, and even, entrepreneurs.

The Hook Framework




A prompt in the form of an external message or notification. This prompt could be advertising or a message on your iPhone. Interestingly, triggers can also come from internal emotions such as joy or surprise.

The Action

The action is the execution of a step or an interaction. Launched from the Trigger, the action is all about reducing friction of interaction and maximising the outcome. Positive return on investment.

The Reward

Rewards are simple, yet so powerful - so write this down. The first type of reward is social validation such as getting a "like" on Facebook or Instagram. The next level is finding things and the act of discovery. And the uber reward is mastery - think levels in a video game.

The Investment

Investing is the last but not least part of the Hooked framework. If you've used Reddit or Wiki, then you're enjoying the fruits of other people's investment. They make the product - content, posts, answers, etc. Hey, even IKEA convinces you to invest in making your furniture.

When you're next imaging a new product, why not start with the finding the hook?