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Conquer business innovation with these four great authors


I've just spent two months studying the greatest innovation authors and here's what I learnt.

I was studying these authors for my podcast that I host with Chad: the Moonshots Podcast, and we've just completed the innovation author series. It was challenging to select only four. We had to leave out greats such as Jim Collins and Steve Blank. In the end, we chose four authors that span the history of business and management writing.

peter drucker.jpg

Peter Drucker

Drucker is the godfather of management. He created the idea of the modern corporation with his strategic writing and practical advice. He was prolific as an author and educator. One of his most potent ideas is:

Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.

clay christensen.jpg

Clay Christensen

Christensen whose work came after Drucker has left a significant mark on the business world. In 1997, as the Internet began its disruptive course, he wrote the Innovators Dilemma. In doing so, Christensen captured the issue on every CEO's mind and firmly positioned himself as the world's leading innovation guru. One of the most timeless ideas in his work is:

The way we manage an existing business is entirely different from the approach we use to create the business of the future.

simon sinek.jpg

Simon Sinek

Sinek is a compelling leadership expert who discovered his skill through his own entrepreneurial journey. He burst on to the global stage when he applied his thinking of why Apple Inc is so successful. This YouTube video ushered in his framework 'Start with Why'. Here's the idea at the heart of work:

People don’t buy What you do; They buy why you do It.

eric reis.jpg

Eric Ries

Ries is all about the product and that's why I love his work so much. He brought to life the ideas of the 'Minimum Viable Product' and the 'Pivot'. He also inspired the essential tool - the Lean Canvas. Perhaps his most significant insight is capture below;

The only way to win is to learn faster than anyone else.