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Artificial Intelligence Mastery starts with a history lesson


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a term often said and rarely understood. Right now the AI hype is significant and polarised from viewpoints of hope and fear.

At QUALITANCE we included AI with four other technologies to create our Future Horizons Program for 2018. Here's a quick recap

  1. Augmented Reality - has big backing from tech titans and easier to use than VR

  2. Autonomous Vehicles - a promising form of transport and significant leaps were made this year in the commercialisation of Autonomous Vehicles.

  3. Face Recognition - with Government-backed projects working in China the technology is stimulating bigger ethical conversations

  4. IOT - a 'killer app' for the industrial Internet

I've spent the last months work with Professor Dan Cautis from Georgetown University to cut through the AI hype and discover what's really happening.

We've created a four-part video series for the Future Horizons show on AI. And it's dense and full of content. It was an enormous effort to make an introduction to the AI that was both comprehensive and rigorous. But I think we've done it.

I want to share a significant insight into how you can master AI. If you want to have a deep understanding of the idea the best thing you can do is start with a history lesson.

So, start studying and stay tuned for the new series that will launch early next year.