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How to Build a Robust Innovation Culture


People are essential in the innovation process. The way people work together, the way they organise and rituals they have, all come together to make this potent force of culture.

When you look at renowned companies, they tend to have fabulous products like Apple. They will have robust business models like Amazon and Google. Or maybe they have a story worth sharing like Nike.

Successful business models, products and marketing are all powered by one essential thing - culture. Pixar Studios is an excellent case study in how we can create a culture of innovation. The company has generated a whopping $11 Billion from their 18 films which significantly outforms its industry peers.


Polly LaBarre, brilliantly decodes how Pixar creates the right environment for people. She is the co-author of the bestselling book Mavericks at Work and here's the formula Pixar uses.

Design for Interaction

The offices at Pixar designed to bring people together. Steve Jobs wanted to have only one restroom for the entire office as a deliberate attempt and creating moments where people can interact and 'run into each other'.

Look at how they designed their mailroom. It wasn't a dull vanilla room, hidden in the back of the space. The mailroom is like a designer experience on Rodeo Drive. Who wouldn't want to get mail from a room like this?

Pixar Mailroom

Pixar Mailroom

Share often, share to all

Pixar doesn't hide work. They fearlessly share work and asking for feedback. The company has regularly has postmortems, fairs, they even screen daily edits of films currently in production. For everyone to watch.

I might sound hard to have your daily work reviewed by anyone in the company.

Work in Progress Reviews Mantra 

Work in Progress Reviews Mantra 

Learn New Things together

Pixar University is at the centre of learning at the animation studios. Pixar is a program and a place that employees spend four hours a week learning new things. By dedicating space and time, Pixar ensures the personal growth of all the team.


Here's Polly LaBarre's talk about Pixar and creating a culture of innovation.