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The Best Way To Understand The Future


With half of the world now using the internet, we now have a common platform for humanity. And we're all hooked on the net with US adults spending 5.9 hours per day with digital media. So if you want to understand the future, best start with the Internet.

And each year Mary Meeker writes the rigorous Internet Trends Report. It's jammed-packed with significant data that makes it the best snapshot of the Internet and a must-read in your library. So here's five surprising trends that will shape our futures.


China is the centre of the tech universe


China now hosts 9 of the top 20 global internet companies, while the U.S. hosts 11. 

Amazon is the new Google


More people start a product search with Amazon than Google. Mountain View should be worried.

Careers are moving on-demand


6.8M are now on-demand jobs; they grew 3 times faster than the total workforce.

Mobile is not replacing the desktop


Although daily hours spent with mobile had doubled in last five years, consumers time with desktops and laptops has remained mostly steady over the same period.

Less broom broom


Cars are expensive items, and we are buying them less and holding on to them more. As car sales decline, ride share use doubled last year.

Immigrants are at the centre of tech innovation


A first- or second-generation immigrant-founded over half of the top U.S. technology companies. 

View the entire presentation of the Internet Trends Report by Mary Meeker