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10 Ways Apple Can Show You How To Innovate


I'm a big fan of Apple products - from the iPhone to the MacBook. I even like the advertising - do you remember Einstein inThink Different and that famous 1984 Superbowl ad by Ridley Scott. Naturally, I wanted to understand how one company could innovate so much. 

Together with Chad Owen in Brooklyn, NY, I create Moonshots, a regular podcast on the worlds most celebrated innovators. We decided it was time to do a deep dive on all things Apple Inc.

We have just finished recording six different episodes on individual leaders of Apple Inc. And they are jam-packed with learnings. From the sweat and tears of product design to the courage to make significant business decisions. All the things you need to succeed as an innovator lay inside of Apple. 

Here are my most 10 significant learnings about innovation thanks to Apple Inc.


Jonathan Ive

1. It takes a lot of work to make things simple
2. You can feel the search for perfection in a product


Angela Ahrendts

3. Leadership starts with listening
4. Build cohorts to get the job done

Steve Wozniak

5. It starts with a dream - not a business
6. Build for yourself first


Steve Jobs

7. Success in business comes from Courage & Betting On The Future
8. Disruptive innovation starts with Deep Thinking And Asking Why



Tim Cook

9. Focus and clarity: People, Strategy, Execution
10. Write your own rules


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