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How Disruptive Innovation Works In Five Powerful Points


I've been preparing the Moonshots Podcast for the Clay Christensen special. And it's reminded me of how powerful his ideas are as a source of inspiration.

Clay has written many books on and around the topic of innovation and is a Harvard Business School Professor. His most significant contribution is his theory of "disruptive innovation" - considered the most influential business idea of the early 21st century.

So here are five standout ideas from Clay Christensen that I've summarised as mantras.

  1. Motivation is the source that inspires and sustains innovation and learning.

  2. By understanding what jobs customers are trying to do, the creation of new products and services becomes obvious.

  3. Strategy counts for nothing if you don't execute it daily.

  4. Breaking old business models requires a leap of faith. Do it now before you realise its too late.

  5. Businesses are disconnected because they think about categories and demographics when their customers are thinking about what they need to do.

Here are some epic Clay talks.