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5 Innovation Learnings from Apple Inc


Apple is one of my favourite companies. The attention to design and simplicity makes it a joy to use most of their products. And the company innovates everywhere: stores, products, iTunes. As a result, their business performs at an incredibly high standard.

Let’s just look at the iPhone X as an example of how design thinking leads to massive profits. In the forth quarter last year, the iPhone X generated 35 percent of global smartphone profits. Yes, one device accounted for over a third of the profits in the smartphone category. That’s five times more profit than the combined profits of over 6,000 Android manufacturers over the same period.

The success of Apple is obvious. But understanding how they do it takes a lot more work. So Chad Owen and I produced a five part Apple series on our Moonshots Podcast. Over the series we researched and analysed five executives from the company:

  1. Jonathan Ive

  2. Angela Ahrendts

  3. Steve Wozniak

  4. Steve Jobs

  5. Tim Cook.

Here are my personal learnings from each executive. Enjoy!