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6 Pieces of Advice from New York Entrepreneurs


There is nowhere in the world like New York City. It really is special. Full of life, ideas and the unexpected.

Chad and I just recorded our third live broadcast show in NY for the Moonshots Podcast. We learnt so much from our three guests:

  • Mitchell Caplan, Managing Director, US at Flock

  • Katrin Zimmermann, Managing Director, the Americas at Tlgg Consulting

  • Scott S. Williams, President at TNP

You can catch the show on YouTube, Facebook or you can read the transcript. The themes from the show were a wonderful collection of ideas, lessons and advice.


  • Let things happen, don’t rush it!

  • Take a leap and follow your biggest dreams


  • Be curious and embrace change

  • Whenever you take bold decisions, and there will be something that is given back to you


  • Start with the endpoint and work backwards

  • Don’t stop peddling, keep going

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