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More Provocative Technology Thinking on the Horizon


We've been working on a new content program for emerging technologies - Future Horizons. We've been deep on Artificial Intelligence and eSports - you can see all the videos here.

I’ll be hosting grand finale of our “Artificial Intelligence from Hype to Reality” video interviews series with Professor Dan Cautis from Georgetown University is a special FUTURE HORIZONS live stream.


On May 9th, starting 5 PM EET we'll be LIVE streaming Professor Cautis' keynote on Embodied and Enactive AI - it's a great chance to understand more of the AI phenomenon.

Key takeaways:

* Why the early AI predictions did not become reality;

* Why the disembodied AI approach is not successful;

* The downside of ignoring philosophical approaches to AI;

* The salient features of embodied and enactive AI;

* State-of-the-art developments: The Bayesian Brain Hypothesis (BBH), The Free Energy Principle (FEP) & The Action Inference Framework (AIF);

* How embodied and enactive AI will help us design truly autonomous artificial intelligence.

Here's a link to the live stream.