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QUALITANCE sprouts a few new offices


QUALTIANCE is keeping me busy. We've started three new offices this year and I've excited to say we've recruited some terrific people to lead the way.

In Sydney we are joined by Mark Pearson-Freeland who is both a bright guy and a collaborator at heart. Remus Radvan is a tenacious partner for startups looking to make things happen in London. Chad Owen founds our NY office with his storytelling prowess and long resume of design thinking workshops.

Meet the team!

The new talent joining QUALITANCE

The new talent joining QUALITANCE

Sydney Office

Mark Pearson-Freeland, Client Partner

Experienced innovation consultant skilled in strategy, innovation management, account direction, and client services, with a keen interest in technology - both software and hardware - and NPD. Working with some of the world’s largest brands, I’ve retained clients year-on-year, managed both internal + external team members day-to-day, driving progress minute-by-minute.

Along the way, he has helped create a Guinness World Record, develop a shared computing initiative that saved charities a thousand years' of processing power, and been a part of building products - and people - that make a difference.

New York Office

Chad Owen, Managing Director

Chad is on a mission to accelerate the pace of innovation for humanity through the design & development of radical new working methods & digital products.

He also wants to live in a world where breakfast tacos are plentiful, chivalry isn't dead, and everyone has a great story to share.

London Office

Remus Radvan, Client Partner

Remus has spent his life as an entrepreneur working in various industries such as recruitment, education, arts and handcrafts, software services, financial services, and coworking spaces.

He has been forming and leading teams across Europe, both for commercial, voluntary and business case competitions purposes. His experience in working with over 40 corporations in Romania, several non-profit organizations, public and government institutions gives him a unique skill of understanding stakeholders, their needs and generating fast solutions.

Stay tuned because we're doing some groundbreaking work with Breville and Johnson & Johnson. We're combing design thinking and emerging technology to create new products and stories worth sharing.