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What is Transhumanism and Why You Need to Know About it


Your next mind-bending adventure into Artificial Intelligence is ready. Jump into "On Transhumanism & Singularity", the 2nd episode of our series on Artificial Intelligence with Prof. Dan Cautis from Georgetown University.

I enjoyed making this series with Dan Cautis - he's super sharp and knows the AI space back to front. He has spent a lifetime at the intersection of technology and philosophy.

Currently, within the Georgetown University SCS Liberal Studies Program, he teaches the following courses:

Church and Science – A Historical Perspective where he analyses the complex philosophical and political interaction between the scientific developments and the Catholic Church dogma from the High Middle Ages until the present time.

AI and Transhumanism – Artificial Intelligence: Covering New Developments and Implications on Transhumanism where he teaches about the scientific and philosophical background of state of the art developments.

He explains about Artificial Intelligence, Transhumanism and Technological Singularity and analyses the ideas and the lively debates within the “Transhumanist Community” that believes in the applications of these technologies to develop a “posthuman” being with better and longer life and superior intelligence.

In the second Future Horizons show, "On Transhumanism & Singularity", we cover some fascinating ideas:

  • How Machine Learning came in and resurrected AI.

  • A Case-in-point: DeepMind and its main achievements.

  • An introduction to Deep Learning.

  • A Major breakthrough for AI - machines learning by themselves.

  • How Transhumanism gained spotlight and what Transhumanism is and who promotes it.

  • A thorough analysis of 3 radical claims made by techno-futurists.

  • Mind uploading: the backup plan of techno-futurists in case we will not achieve Singularity.