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Launch Your Story

Storytelling Course Introduction


Launch Your Story

You can finally connect your product, service or company with customers. Follow my six step process and find inspiration to create more useful and entertaining stories. Discover new fans and customers in the furthest corners of this very connected world. Let’s start customer conversations with great stories. 


A Good Story is Hard Work

From Fortune 500's to brand new start ups - everyone finds it hard to tell their story. Sure, Red Bull and Apple do a great job. But they have long histories and even bigger budgets.

The truth is that most companies struggle to know and tell their story.

We know this because it's rare that you find customers becoming true advocates of brands. And we only share stories worth telling. Companies like Nike, Patagonia, and RedBull, have enthralled customers with their stories for decades. These companies are one in a million.

Some call it marketing, advertising, value proposition, consumer benefit...I like to call it a story.


Twenty Years of Learning

After years of working with both big and new companies, I want to share my process for decoding the story for a company or product. I’ve worked with Nike, Silicon Valley Startups and everything inbetween. 

Over the last 20 years I've worked Marketing and Product Design across Sydney, Amsterdam, London and San Francisco.

The teams I've been part of have won numerous awards - DA&D Pencils, Cannes Lion’s, Effie’s – even a TED award.

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The Golden Thread

There’s a pattern to creating good stories. It's a mixture of different practices; quantitative and qualitative research, prototyping, and behavioral psychology. In simple terms, the pattern is all about connecting the needs of customers to the products and services of companies. 

The common ground is where the story connects with a customer's problems and motivations.

The second, and equally important, part of the equation is testing and learning. And you’re not only testing ‘what’ the story should be. Importantly, you need to know ‘how’ to tell your story. This often means telling your story through the lense of the audience. Say it their words.


Launch Your Story Course

The following Story Discovery Process will work for a product, a service or a company.

I hope that you’ll learn by doing. Take a real product, service or business that you’re working on and use this Story Discovery Process.

If you have any problems during the process you can contact me for help.


Six Steps in Three Weeks

You will need to test your ideas with a real audience of customers. So this will take some time, usually one week from sending an invitation email, and finally get responses, and analysing the results.

There are only six steps to the process and you can take this little course at your pace.

Given there are two surveys or tests, you’re looking at three weeks to discover your story.


OK. Enough yadda yadda. Let's get busy.